Stinger in Golf (What is it & How to Hit)

Are you an avid golfer looking to improve your game? One of the most effective ways to do this is to master the art of a stinger shot. A stinger in golf is a low-flight trajectory, low spin, and piercingly straight type of shot that demands precision and can be incredibly difficult to pull off successfully.

Mastery of this maneuver will have you hitting with accuracy, confidence and power on any course. So if you’re serious about executing the perfect golf swing, read on as we discuss everything there is to know about stingers.

What is a Stinger in Golf?

At its core, a stinger is an approach shot that goes straight and low. They can fly two or three clubs lower than your normal trajectory when executed correctly and travel fifty to seventy-five yards further.

This type of shot works best when played with either utility clubs like hybrids or long irons like 3-5 irons. The key to a successful stinger is using the club head as a lever rather than an arc or pendulum.

stinger in golf

The backswing should be fluid and straight without unnecessary movement, while the follow-through should end with your hands just above your head.

How to Execute a Stinger:

To achieve maximum distance and accuracy with your stinger in golf, several key steps must be kept in mind when executing the shot.

1. Take a wide stance:

Make sure your feet are firmly planted into the ground and spread wider than shoulder-width apart. This will provide you with a stable base for your shot.

2. Keep your head low:

Keeping your head low gives you more power and accuracy throughout the swing by keeping your body weight centered over the ball.

3. Swing low to high:

As mentioned before, leverage and control are key when executing a stinger. You’ll want to swing from low to high with your arms slightly bent at the top of your backswing.

4. Focus on contact:

Make sure that you keep your focus on the ball and make sure you hit it with a crisp, clean strike.

5. Follow through:

After contact, keep your arms extended and move them forward as you follow through to provide maximum power and distance.

It’s easy to master the stinger shot if you practice and follow these steps. So take some time to practice your swing, and you’ll soon be hitting like a pro.

stinger in golf

How Do You Hit a Stinger Draw?

Hitting a stinger draw is a great way to add spin and control your ball when hitting stinger shots. The stinger draw starts with similar steps as the stinger—wide stance, low head, etc.—but emphasizes more of an outward movement with a slightly closed clubface.

For this shot, you’ll also want to adjust the way you swing with a steeper inside-to-out swing and make sure that you keep your hands in front of the ball longer.

Additionally, it can help to adjust your weight at impact by shifting slightly more towards your back foot for extra spin. With enough practice, you’ll be able to master stinger shots with both draw and fade.

What Club is Best to Hit a Stinger?

As mentioned, stinger shots are best hit with utility clubs or long irons like 3-5. These clubs have a low center of gravity and can help you control the trajectory of your shot better than other clubs.

Additionally, stinger shots require a tight grip on your club to maintain accuracy—so make sure you adjust your grip for stinger shots.

How Do You Hit a Stinger With a Driver?

Although stinger shots are generally best hit with utility clubs, it is possible to hit a stinger with a driver. The key to achieving this shot is to adjust how you swing—using more of an outside-in movement and keeping your hands in front of the ball longer.

Additionally, stinger shots should be slightly lower than regular driver shots. With enough practice, you’ll be able to master stinger shots with your driver.


If you use the right technique, you can further and more accurately hit your golf ball. You can master stinger shots with any club—from utility clubs to drivers—with the right technique. Take some time to practice your swing, and you’ll hit like a pro in no time!

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