Can Golf Help You Lose Weight? (How Many Calories Burn)

When it comes to weight loss, traditional images of intense gym workouts and strict diet plans often come to mind. However, what if there was a more enjoyable way to shed those extra pounds? This brings us to the intriguing question: Can golf help you lose weight?

The Physical Benefits of Golf

Walking as exercise

Golf, with its sprawling courses and scenic landscapes, offers a unique opportunity for physical activity. The simple act of walking from hole to hole can contribute significantly to your daily step count, promoting weight loss over time.

Calorie burning during a round

Beyond walking, actively playing golf involves a series of movements – from swinging the club to bending down to pick up the ball. These actions may seem subtle, but they collectively contribute to calorie burning, making golf more physically demanding than it appears.

Impact on cardiovascular health

Engaging in a round of golf isn’t just a stroll; it can be a moderate-intensity cardiovascular exercise. A well-paced game can get your heart rate up, providing benefits for your cardiovascular health and aiding in weight management.

Can Golf Help You Lose Weight?

A round of golf is not only a thrilling game but also a hidden fitness journey. Here’s the magic – during those 18 holes, every golfer, no matter the handicap, takes a staggering 10,000 steps, covering an impressive 6.5 miles.

Now, let’s put it in perspective: the average UK adult clocks in at 3-4000 steps daily. Suddenly, golf emerges as a fantastic weight-loss ally. But wait, there’s room for flexibility – play just 9 holes for a still effective workout, or, if you’re feeling a bit leisurely, hop on a buggy (though steps and distance may dip by around 60%).

The best part? It seems your handicap or the choice between pushing or carrying doesn’t alter these fantastic numbers. Golf is not just a game – it’s your secret fitness weapon!

Can Golf Help You Lose Weight?

The Mental Health Aspect

Stress reduction through golf

Weight loss isn’t just about physical activity; mental well-being plays a crucial role. Golf, with its serene environment and focus on skill, can be a stress-relieving activity. Stress reduction, in turn, can positively impact your weight loss journey.

Enjoyable physical activity

Unlike some forms of exercise that may feel like a chore, golf is a recreational sport that many find enjoyable. Choosing an activity you love increases the likelihood of consistent participation, which is key to any successful weight loss endeavor.

Technique and Skill Development

Swinging the club as a workout

The golf swing is a full-body movement that engages various muscle groups. While perfecting your swing, you’re unknowingly giving your body a workout. This can lead to muscle development, contributing to a leaner physique.

Building muscle through proper form

Beyond the swing, aspects like maintaining balance and proper posture contribute to muscle development. Golf demands precision, and mastering these techniques not only enhances your game but can also tone and strengthen your muscles.

Social Aspects of Golf

Encouragement to stay active

Golf is often played in a social setting, providing an excellent opportunity to stay active with friends or family. The encouragement and camaraderie can be powerful motivators in maintaining an active lifestyle.

Opportunities for group exercise

Some golfers take it a step further by organizing group exercises on the course. This can include additional physical activities between holes, turning a round of golf into a group workout session.

Combining Golf with a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition tips for golfers

Pairing golf with a balanced diet is crucial for effective weight loss. Tips on what to eat before, during, and after a game can optimize your energy levels and support your weight loss goals.

Integrating golf into a fitness routine

For those serious about using golf as a weight loss tool, integrating it into a broader fitness routine can yield even more significant results. This may include targeted workouts on non-golfing days to complement your active playing schedule.


In conclusion, golf can indeed be a fun and effective way to contribute to your weight loss journey. Combining the physical benefits, mental well-being, and social aspects makes it a holistic approach to fitness. So, the next time you’re teeing off, remember – you might be doing more for your health than just playing a game.

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