Should I leave My Golf Cart Plugged in All Time? (Care & Tips)

No, it could be ideal if you stopped leaving your golf cart plugged in all the time while you weren’t using it. The correct instructions from your manufacturer, however, can vary depending on the model of golf cart you own. 

  • Club Car advises leaving your golf cart plugged in while it is being stored so that the computer can determine when the batteries need to be charged. 
  • E-Z-GO advises leaving your cart charging while it is being stored, but you should periodically check on your battery power source. 
  • According to Yamaha, the batteries should also be removed from the cart.

Furthermore, it depends on the kind of charger. It is advised to keep the battery attached only if the charger is conventional with few or no protection features. This is due to the significant danger of overcharging, which can shorten the battery’s lifespan and irreversibly harm the battery. 

But on the other hand, using a smart charger and leaving it connected all the time is OK. The battery can receive trickle charging from the smart charger while protecting against overcharging.

What would happen if your golf cart was always plugged in? 

Dealing with the golf cart as a technological creation is the best action. While some customers left their cart plugged in all the while with no negative effects, you might need to be lucky. 

When your golf cart is fully charged, it’s advisable to unplug it. You run the danger of reducing the battery life if you don’t. According to research, heat harms batteries more than cold

  • Your golf cart’s batteries will always get warm if you leave it plugged in. 
  • To prevent replacing your battery too soon, practice good battery care to save money.

The Three Important Caveats.

When utilizing an automatic battery charger, manufacturers advise leaving your golf cart plugged in all the time. Otherwise, unplug it. This will ensure that the cart batteries are fully charged. Batteries can degrade and deliver less capacity if they aren’t charged while stored for a few months. 

  1. Ensure you utilize the golf cart charger provided (or an OEM substitute). The battery in an electric golf cart differs from that in a car, so each model has a unique charger. 
  2. Ascertain that AC continuously powers your charger. This can be an issue if you keep your golf cart in a place where the power frequently goes out.
  3. Maintaining your batteries’ electrolyte solution at the correct concentrations is important. Have distilled water on standby and add it as necessary because fluid levels will decline as the cart batteries discharge and recharge.
should i leave my golf cart plugged in all time

Tips to Maintain Your Golf Cart Battery

Tip No 1.

Make sure the batteries in the golf cart are in good condition. Before storing them, avoid keeping them unclean to avoid damaging the terminals. 

Tip No 2.

Your terminals should be free of negative and positive battery cables. A quart of water and 2 tbsp of baking soda should be combined to create a solution. Clean the cart battery terminal posts using this mixture. Use a brush to remove the larger deposits. Afterwards, use a paper towel to dry the battery.

Tip No 3.

The ideal location for battery storage is a dry, cool environment. Low temperatures will slow your battery’s rate of discharge. Your battery charge will be maintained with a gentle discharge. As the temperature rises, the discharge rate rises as well. 

Tip No 4.

Your battery wire needs to be clean and free of corrosion. Distilled water should be poured into every battery cell. Avoid using tap water because pollutants will build up on the inside plates of the golf cart throughout the winter storage period. 

Most importantly, avoid charging the cart battery with acid. The electrolyte solution can be damaged if you add too much water, so try to avoid doing so.

Tip No 5.

Put the golf cart batteries on a non-conductive surface, such as a board or wood pallet, to help them hold their charge better if they aren’t staying in the cart. The batteries may self-discharge if they are left on the ground. 

When repairing your golf cart batteries, put on the appropriate protective clothing, such as gloves and aprons that are resistant to corrosion.

Can You Plug in Your Golf Cart Throughout the Winter? 

Yes, if the charger is an automated device that turns on when the charge level dips, you can always leave your cart plugged in. Golf carts frequently go months without use, especially during the winter. 

Your battery’s cells will progressively lose their charge, which is perfectly good and expected. However, the battery’s long-term performance could suffer if it remains motionless for an extended period. 

By keeping it plugged in during the winter, you may avoid this. And if you own an automatic charger, it should be an excellent idea.


  1. Batteries naturally self-discharge, so if you can’t bring your golf cart inside, you can either detach the batteries and store them in the garage or keep an eye on their charge during colder months. 
  2. Older chargers may boil batteries and harm them if they don’t shut off after they are fully charged. 
  3. At least once every 30 days, check the state of your battery charger. An electric golf cart’s Tow/Run switch should always be “Tow.”
should i leave my golf cart plugged in all time?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How Much Time Does It Take To Charge A Golf Cart Battery? 

Depend on the charger you use and the battery type. The most common type of cart battery is often a lead-acid battery. These batteries normally require 8–12 hours to charge from empty fully. The charging time will be considerably shorter if you use a fast charger. 

How can I know if the charger for my golf cart is operating properly? 

Check the battery charge to find out if the battery is receiving any current. You can gauge the battery charger’s power output by connecting a multimeter to its negative and positive terminals.

When should I add water to my golf cart batteries? 

You can fill batteries occasionally if you’re using brand-new ones. To guarantee optimum performance, it is advised that you hydrate your batteries at least once a month.


No, leaving your cart plugged in the entire time is not advised. Even while automatic chargers are made to avoid overcharging, it is still possible for the circuit breaker to trip, which could harm the cells in your battery. Additionally, the charger will start drawing power from your cart batteries if the AC power from the socket is lost, which is both harmful and counterproductive.

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