Ultimate Guide To Buying Used Golf Carts (Check These Things)

Before even beginning to explore shopping for the ideal golf cart for you, if you’ve never had a cart, you’ll want to become acquainted with several aspects unique to this sort of vehicle. 

You must carefully consider your lifestyle, your financial situation, and the purpose of your principal purchase. These factors will influence the type of cart you eventually buy and, more significantly, whether you’ll be satisfied with your choice. 

We’ve outlined the most important factors in this guide to help you make decisions, be an informed consumer, and select the ideal golf cart. So let’s begin.

Check Golf Cart is Brand-New or Refurbished. 

A secondhand golf cart that has undergone recent upgrades is reconditioned. Having been used for a while and now being sold “as is,” a used cart has previously been driven. Make sure a qualified dealer is reconditioning the golf cart if you’re considering one. 

  • The term “refurbished golf cart” is occasionally used to describe a golf cart that has received a new paint job and set of tires. 
  • However, the batteries, controller, bearings, and motor are all the same as previously. 

Try to purchase these golf carts from the manufacturer’s authorized dealer to avoid wasting extra money on a “refurbished” cart with no real improvements. Otherwise, it needs many more repairs after buying Used golf cart.

Check the Brand 

In the long run, getting a secondhand golf cart made by a reliable firm will be simpler. You can locate the required parts if your golf cart ever needs maintenance. If issues arise with your golf cart, you’ll have more options.

While some people would believe that all golf cart manufacturers produce identical goods, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You can use the golf cart brand as a guide to picking the one that best suits your requirement. 

So Yamaha carts are preferred because of their innovative designs and off-road capability, whereas E-Z-Go is more geared toward golf. 

How Old is the Golf Cart? 

A properly maintained golf cart can last for many years. Additionally, you will like cruising in a classic car if you have a nostalgic nature as I do. There are instances where it is challenging to find components for these vehicles, which is a drawback. Many vintage carts from the 1980s and 1990s are still operating. 

  • The fact that the cart is ancient only sometimes precludes your purchase.
  • However, remember that earlier models’ components will be more difficult to locate. 
  • After you purchase your cart, it may require repairs, in which case you may need assistance locating the necessary components or a repairer. 
Buying Used Golf Carts

Older, secondhand golf carts are more likely to need maintenance than newer ones due to their age. 

Is the Golf Cart Electric or Gas-Powered? 

Electric and gas-powered golf carts are the two main categories. Each of these carts has benefits and drawbacks, so do your homework and choose the one that best suits your requirements. The cost of a secondhand cart depends on several things.

One of them is whether the car is electric or gas. The cost of used gas cars is typically higher than that of used electric cars. The main cause is a decline in the number of high-quality gas carts exchanged. Therefore decreasing supply. 

Electric golf cart prices may be lower depending on the state of the batteries. Spending more money on new batteries is advisable if you buy an electric cart that has been previously used. The power and general performance of the golf cart may be impacted if the batteries are not maintained.

Ensure the Tires are in Good Condition. 

Although tires are simple to replace, you need to ensure they are in excellent enough condition and durable enough to last at least a year. A tire’s deep treads and lack of obvious damage are indicators of its general condition. Ascertain that the tires are properly inflated and can hold the air once it is inside. 

Even though replacement tires are cheap and simple, you wouldn’t want to waste your hard-earned money purchasing a cart with worn-out tires if there is other obvious damage and worn tread. It would help if you asked for a break on the purchase price.

Drive Test Before You Buy

It would be best to go for a test drive before purchasing a used golf cart. Please pay attention to the cart’s performance while you drive it. Clicking, grinding, or moaning are strange noises that should be avoided. The travel ought to be peaceful and comfortable. Any unusual noises could indicate internal damage to the golf cart. 

Buying Used Golf Carts

Check if the Cart is Damaged By Itself. 

The golf cart’s body may have obvious damage from use, so that’s to be expected. The integrity of the golf cart is unaffected by minor imperfections like corrosion, scratches, faded paint, and dents. Though you may wish to consider these problems, these aren’t an excuse to back off. 

These items can be fixed for a reasonable price. But be on the lookout for missing panels or more significant damage. Purchasing an old golf cart that will need money to fix is frequently not worth it.

What Features Does It Have?

Depending on how you use your golf cart, it can require particular features. You’ll require different features for riding in your cart through your gated community than for using it on a golf course. 

  • You need to look for the one with the features you want right now. 
  • If money is extremely tight, you might have to make do with a simple golf cart that only has a storage basket, cup holders, and a base for your clubs. 

Choose a golf cart with more opulent amenities when you have more money. You can also add amazing accessories if no carts come equipped the way you want them. 

Is It Worth the Asking Price?

You want to ensure you’re paying a reasonable price for your used golf cart. Find out the market rates for carts in your area by doing some research. Knowing how much comparable used carts sell for will help you bargain with the vendor.

Important Golf Cart Improvements

Street Legal Kit

Given that most golf carts aren’t equipped with lights, you could require a street-legal light kit depending on where you intend to drive your vehicle. If you intend to operate your golf cart on open streets or at night, you must have a street-legal kit. 

Most kits come with headlights, brake lights, taillights, hazards, turn signals, and horns and are usually specific to your vehicle’s brand (e.g., ClubCar, EZGO, Yamaha, etc.). 

Kit for Seatbelts 

A seat belt kit should be considered if you intend to travel with young children or if you have a speedier gas golf cart that you intend to use on public highways. I upgraded our cart with one for our two young kids and highly suggested it!

Back Seat 

Suppose you locate the ideal single-bench cart but later decide you’d want to increase the sitting capacity. In that case, a back seat is a reasonably simple and affordable improvement that will ultimately increase the value of your cart if you ever decide to sell it. 

All-Purpose Tires 

It would be best if you used yours to navigate the ranch or farm. Alternately, your area’s roadways are a mix of everything, just like ours are. Then, for drivability and safety in all situations, nubby, all-terrain tires are a necessity.

Lift Kit 

You could also need more room if you consider replacing your tires to accommodate the larger tire size. You’ll also need a lift kit to drive your cart off the beaten path or across rough terrain. 

The last thing you need is a square strike from a sharp rock to harm the battery compartment or batteries! Off-road driving can be more comfortable with a raise kit and updated suspension. 


If you do your research, you may save a lot of money on a secondhand golf cart. Ensure the cart is functional, in good shape, and runs smoothly. Additionally, make sure you ask a tonne of questions. When purchasing a used golf cart, that is the most crucial consideration.

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