How Long Does It Take To Play 9 Holes Of Golf? (Factors & Speed)

Ultimately, it depends on the number of players and how quickly the game is played. Depending on how rapidly players move around the course and how crowded it is, a standard 9-hole round of golf can last anywhere between 40 minutes to two hours. 

It’s tough to predict how long a round of 9 holes should last because so many factors are at play. Based on how many teams are ahead, the duration can be reduced to about 90 minutes if you intend to play through the course, that is, play irrespective of how many players are next to you. 

Factors That Affect How Long A Round of Golf Takes

How long a round of golf will last depends on various factors. 

1. Flow Congestion 

Being a fast player who frequently plays with other fast golfers on crowded courses, the groups in front of you are typically the biggest determinant of how long my round will last.

2. The Expertise of Your Team 

The fewer shots you take, the smarter you and your teammates will be. If you take fewer shots, you’ll spend less time looking for balls, reading putts, picking clubs, etc. 

3. Your Group’s Size 

Your group’s waiting time and round length will increase with more participants. 

4. Level of Difficulty 

Your round will take more strokes on a course with lengthy holes, bunkers, dense rough, water hazards, etc. Particularly difficult courses lengthen rounds played by less experienced golfers significantly. 

how long does it take to play 9 holes of golf?

5. Course Layout 

Most tee boxes are situated close to the green of the preceding hole on many golf courses. But some golf courses are difficult to access or require greater travel time between holes.

6. Either riding or walking 

Of course, golf carts move more quickly than you might walk. Many golf groups can easily cut an hour off their rounds using a cart. Even while using a cart will allow you to play more quickly than when you’re walking, days when you’re only allowed to use the cart path, will cause you to play more slowly than days when you have unfettered access to the fairways.

Ways To Speed Up Golf Pace Of Play

There are many techniques to speed up the 9-hole play. Here are a few details! 

1. Start wisely. 

During game time, be on time and punctual. Ensure everything is set up in advance, including the proper golf equipment, a golf bag, extra balls, the proper apparel, and other needs. 

2. Give the tee a quick look. 

For golfers on the tee, the expression “hit when ready” is typically acceptable. Choose a provisional tournament to save time if you need clarification on whether your ball is playing or lost. 

3. To speed up the round, try different forms. 

Individual strokes can be substituted with fun in games like stable ford, best ball, match play, and others. These game configurations are available to the team because only some players would hole on every hole. 

4. Twenty seconds to play the target.

If you want to maintain the tempo quickly but with higher quality, try to hit the ball in under 20 seconds. 

5. Be cordial and helpful to the group. 

It is preferable to follow other people’s tee strokes rather than your own. If you know where your ball is in the fairway, assist your opponents in finding it. If necessary, take part in filling a divot.

How long do 9-holes of golf take for one player?

In terms of distance from tees to greens, a typical 9-hole golf course is between 1,000 and 3,000 yards long, or up to 3.69 miles. A survey found that the typical person walks between three and four miles per hour. 

If the golfer plays the game while walking, it can take them an hour to finish (including the shots). When other aspects of the game are considered, a single player may need 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) to complete 9 holes. 

How long does it take two players to complete 9 holes? 

If there aren’t other golfers on the course, two golfers playing a 9-hole round could finish in 75 or 80 minutes. The pace can be sped up by using the golf cart to move quickly between holes and with little interruption. 

How long does it take three players to complete nine holes? 

Between one and two hours long. Golf matches between threesomes are much more likely than matches between foursomes over nine holes. The majority of people can’t play golf on a weekday; thus, playing in a threesome is more popular on those days. The pro shop may also prefer to pair up three players if they all plan to arrive at the course directly after work.

How much time will it take four golfers to complete nine holes? 

how long does it take to play 9 hole of golf?

In a team of four players, the game typically takes two hours and fifteen minutes to complete using a golf cart. If every player chooses to walk, it will require under three hours to complete one round. High-speed swingers also move more quickly. 


In addition, the article’s major argument is that for players who are working hard and need more time, playing 9 holes is the greatest choice.

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