How Long Does It Take To Play 18 Holes Of Golf? ( Some Facts)

This depends on how quickly you play and how many people are in your group. It will probably take between 2.5 to 6 hours. The time it takes to complete an 18-hole game will depend on a few different things. The most crucial elements are as follows: 

Number of Golfers in the group 

The round may last roughly two and a half hours if you’re playing golf with only one other person. The round will last around four hours if you have a four-person team. This is because playing in groups of more than two persons causes more delays. For instance, somebody in the group could hold out on taking their turn until everyone else has hit their ball. 

Individuals next to you 

The game’s pace might be greatly slowed if several players are next to you when playing golf. It may mean you wait around more frequently and lengthen your round depending on the number of golfers and their skill level. 

Holes’ lengths and types 

The duration of 18 holes in golf can vary greatly depending on the length and complexity of the holes. Most of the time, playing the shorter, simpler holes takes less time than the longer, harder ones. This is because playing shots on harder holes takes longer, and more mistakes might happen. 

Player skill level 

The amount of time needed to complete 18 holes of golf depends on the skill level of the players. For instance, amateur golfers often take longer than good golfers to complete a round. Better players have a lower propensity to make poor shots and spend too much time seeking their ball. 

Additionally, because they are more experienced with the game and recognize where to look for difficulties, better players seem more likely to play their rounds in a shorter time. Due to their high level of attention requirements, some great players, however, can also play slowly. 

  • The length of certain tours’ rounds might exceed five hours
  • A golf course can be navigated using one of three methods
  • Walking 
  • Golf carts 
  • or trolleys 
  • Riding on a golf cart is the quickest way to navigate a golf course. 

This is because you may move fast between shots and holes and don’t have to wait for other players to finish. Additionally, not carrying your clubs might save you a ton of time when playing.

Examples of Fast and Slow 18-Hole Rounds

You can normally anticipate playing 18 holes of golf in 3 to 5 hours if your team is playing reasonably and is not slowed down by other groups. It can take 2 ½ to 6+ hours to complete a round, based on the size of the group and playing style. 

Example no 1.

Eighteen holes of golf with a cart were played in 2 ½ hours, which is the quickest time I’ve ever recorded. We were both having strong rounds and playing quickly. For most of the round, we were the only group on the course, but on the final five holes, we were overtaken by another group, which caused us to lose some of our momenta.

Example no 2.

When playing in threesomes or foursomes, I don’t have a particularly memorable round, but these groups’ shorter rounds often last between 3 ½ and 4 hours. If we can play this quickly, I’m always pleased, and it never seems too slow. 

Example no 3.

My longest 18-hole round of golf took more than 6 hours and felt incredibly slow the entire time. Two of the players in my sluggish foursome were complete beginners, and we were slowed down by groups playing ahead of us. On that particular day, the golf course appeared crowded and overbooked. This is unusual because most of my prior slowest rounds took 5 hours or less.

How Can You Play Golf Faster? 

You may quicken your game by doing a few things. 


Make sure you are familiar with the course beforehand. When you know the holes’ locations and do not need to look for them, time will be saved. 


Choose a club that is acceptable for the distance. Try not to use a club that isn’t designed for it to hit the ball too far. You’ll end up making bad contact and taking longer. 

how long does it takes to play 18 holes of golf?


Make an effort only to line up your shots briefly. Make your shot once you’ve taken a practice swing. You’ll waste time if you constantly change your position or attempt to achieve the perfect shot.


Save time trying to find your golf ball. If you know its likely location, proceed directly to that area and begin your search there. Your round will take longer if you take too long looking around. 


You may speed up your game in a few different ways, but you shouldn’t compromise precision for speed. With the help of the advice we’ve given, you can play golf more rapidly without lowering your score.

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