Best Office Putting Sets (Budget, Mid-Range & Premium)

In today’s fast-paced professional world, individuals often find themselves consumed by their work, leaving little room for their beloved hobbies and pastimes. Golf enthusiasts, in particular, struggle to find the time for regular practice, leading to frustrating days on the golf course.

Thankfully, golf simulators have opened up new possibilities, allowing golfers to work on their long shots indoors. Additionally, office putting sets have emerged as a convenient solution to enhance their short game right from the comfort of their workplace.

In this comprehensive guide, I present a diverse selection of office putting sets, catering to various budgets and preferences. From affordable options to high-end offerings, these sets offer everything from a simple cup and ball design to a comprehensive cutting mat. Whether you’re seeking a quick recommendation or are eager to explore the available choices, this guide covers you.

Best Budget Putting Sets

Neon Executive Putting Set

The Neon Executive Putting Set offers fantastic value for its price. This compact and portable set includes a putting cup and ball, allowing you to practice your putting stroke during work breaks or downtime. Its sleek design and affordable price make it an excellent choice for golf enthusiasts looking for an affordable option.

WSERE Golf Putting Cup

The WSERE Golf Putting Cup is another budget-friendly choice for office putting. This simple yet effective putting cup is designed to simulate a real hole, providing a realistic putting experience. Its durable construction ensures long-lasting use, making it a reliable option for honing your putting skills without breaking the bank.

Best Office Putting Sets

JEF Automatic Putting Cup

The JEF Automatic Putting Cup takes your office golf game up a notch with its innovative design. This budget-friendly putting set features an automatic ball return system, saving you the hassle of retrieving the ball after each putt. With its adjustable hole sizes and smooth surface, you can customize your practice session and improve your accuracy.

Best Mid-Range Putting Sets

Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive putting experience, the Abco Tech Indoor Golf Putting Green is an excellent choice. This mid-range putting set offers a large putting mat with various markings to help you practice different putt distances and angles. The high-quality artificial turf mimics real grass, providing a realistic feel. It also includes additional accessories like hazards and alignment aids, enhancing your practice sessions.

JEF Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat

The JEF Golf Hazard Deluxe Putting Mat offers a versatile and challenging putting experience. With its built-in hazards, including sand traps and water hazards, this mid-range putting set helps simulate real on-course conditions. The high-quality putting surface ensures a smooth roll and accurate ball response. Additionally, the alignment guides and distance markers aid in refining your aim and distance control.

Club Champ Automatic Golf Putting System

The Club Champ Automatic Golf Putting System is an ideal choice for golfers seeking an interactive and engaging practice session. This mid-range putting set features an automatic ball return system, allowing you to focus solely on your putting technique. With its inclined ramp design and adjustable hole sizes, you can create various putting challenges and improve your precision on the greens.

Best Premium Putting Set

Crest Golf Putting Mat Set

For golfers who are willing to invest in a top-of-the-line office putting set, the Crest Golf Putting Mat Set offers an exceptional experience. This premium set features a large putting mat with a true-roll surface, ensuring an authentic putting feel. It includes additional features like alignment guides, multiple hole positions, and hazards, enabling you to customize your practice sessions to match real golf course conditions.

Best Office Putting Sets

Prime Putt Putting Mat

The Prime Putt Putting Mat is a premium option for golfers seeking the ultimate indoor putting experience. This high-quality mat boasts a luxurious feel and realistic putting surface, allowing you to refine your stroke and improve your consistency. With its intricate design, including multiple hole sizes and alignment aids, you can challenge yourself and work on various putting techniques.


No matter your budget or skill level, there is an office putting set available to elevate your golf game. From budget-friendly options like the Neon Executive Putting Set and WSERE Golf Putting Cup to more advanced choices like the Crest Golf Putting Mat Set and Prime Putt Putting Mat. These sets provide an opportunity to practice and improve your putting skills right from your office. Choose the set that suits your needs and preferences, and watch as your golf game flourishes, even amidst a busy professional life.

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