How Do You Putt On a Golf Simulator? (4 Tips to Improve game)

In any group that wants to play golf, the question is asked: “How do you putt on a golf simulator?” It’s a fair question; the simple answer is that you can putt the same way you would on an actual putting green, but it’s not a good way to putt all the time.

It can predict the speed, launch angle, and spin rate of a ball to within feet when using the GCQuad. Since it can accurately predict a ball that carries 300 yards to within feet, it’s no surprise it can accurately measure a ball coming off a putter face with much less velocity and spin. To improve your stroke, the GCQuad offers putting-specific measurements.

We have difficulty picturing how hard it would be to hit that 30-foot putt if we didn’t see the hole 30 feet away as the limiting factor in putting. People can practice this, but it takes time. Still, it is a good idea to approach the putting in various ways to keep it fun.

1. Auto Putt

Once a player reaches a green, the automatic putt setting will give him or her the tour’s average number of putts according to the distance to the hole. A tour player averages 50% on a short putt. So you will add 1.5 strokes to your score if you hit it to 8 feet. As a result, you will have a faster pace of play and won’t have to grind over short putts, which no one enjoys anyways.

2. Manual Putting

The game is interesting. Once you hit the ball, enter the number of putts you need to add. It may seem a no-go at first since you don’t want to argue with 20 HDCP buddies every time a 15-footer appears to them as if it’s a gimme, but if you have side games to determine how the total putts will be calculated, it can be a really fun option. 

Maybe you’ll play rock, paper, scissors against a friend, or maybe you’ll play cornhole or flip cups with your friends.

how do you putt on a golf simulator

3. Gimme Range

A gimme range can be set, which is the default Foresight FSX 2020 software setting at 6 feet. It’s pretty simple, you just put it until you make it or get inside 6 feet, and then the next hole is yours. The gimme range can be whatever you want, but 6 feet is usually a good place to start.

4. Fast Putting

A tenth of a stroke is added for every foot away from the hole if the putt is not holed. Players are given one putt on the green. A stroke is added for every foot away from the hole if the putt is not holed.

At Last:

Practice is the first thing you can do to improve your putting. Suppose you have a putting green at home. Practice on it. This will help you become familiar with the green layout and the terrain’s contours.

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