How to Play a Wolf Golf? (What is It)

Wolf Golf is a captivating game that combines strategy, skill, and camaraderie, offering an exhilarating twist to traditional golf. In this article, we will explore the rules, tactics, and intricacies of Wolf Golf, empowering you to become a formidable player in this exciting sport.

Understanding the Basics

In Wolf Golf, players take turns being the Wolf, a pivotal role that determines partnerships and betting options. The Wolf chooses a partner after each drive but before the next player tees off. Failure to select a partner results in the Wolf being the last player to tee off. Moreover, the Wolf has the option to amplify the stakes by becoming a Solo Wolf or a Lone Wolf.

Points System

Wolf Golf employs a points-based system, where the lowest net score on each hole secures victory. Each team member is awarded one point for a win. However, a Solo Wolf’s triumph fetches them a hefty six points, while each member of the losing team loses two points. Conversely, a loss costs the Solo Wolf six points, with the winning team gaining two points each. In the case of a Lone Wolf, a remarkable nine points are granted for a victorious outcome.

Calculating Winnings and Losses

To determine winnings or losses, the point differentials between players are multiplied by the Point Value. For instance, in a team of four, a loss for the Solo Wolf incurs an eight-point deficit, while a partnered Wolf earns three points each for a hole win.

Order of Play and Determining the Wolf

In a game of Wolf Golf featuring four players, the role of the Wolf rotates throughout the course, except for the crucial 17th and 18th holes. During these closing holes, the player who has accumulated the fewest points assumes the esteemed position of the Wolf. In the event of a tie among players, a random selection method is employed to determine the Wolf, adding an element of suspense and unpredictability to the game. And In a game with five players, this process commences at the 16th hole.

Crafting a Winning Strategy

To excel in Wolf Golf, strategic decision-making is paramount. Carefully assess the skills and playing styles of your fellow golfers to gauge potential partners or opportunities to go alone. Factor in the course layout, hazards, and distances to make informed choices about shot selection and partnerships. Adapt your strategy as the game progresses to maximize your chances of success.

Elevating Sportsmanship and Etiquette

As with any sport, Wolf Golf embraces the values of good sportsmanship and etiquette. Treat your fellow players with respect, uphold the integrity of the game, and promptly resolve any disputes or disagreements. Embrace the spirit of fair play and camaraderie to enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.


Wolf Golf is a captivating golf game that challenges players to make strategic decisions, form partnerships, and strive for victory. By understanding the rules, grasping the points system, and developing a winning strategy, you can elevate your gameplay and embark on thrilling golfing adventures. Embrace the spirit of Wolf Golf, unleash your competitive spirit, and enjoy the unique blend of strategy and camaraderie that this game has to offer.

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