Golf Short Game Strategies (5 Common Strategies)

The short game in golf is often considered the most crucial aspect of scoring well. It involves shots played within 100 yards of the green, including chipping, pitching, bunker shots, and putting. In this article, we will explore a range of effective golf short-game strategies that can help you improve your performance and lower your scores.

Understanding Chipping Techniques

Perfecting Pitch Shots

  • Mastering the pitch shot technique: Maintain a consistent tempo and wrist hinge, controlling the length of the backswing and accelerating through impact.
  • Gauging distance control: Develop a feel for different swing lengths to control the distance your pitch shots travel.
  • Reading the green: Consider the slope and grain of the green to predict how your pitch shot will roll and break.
Golf Short Game Strategies

Conquering Bunker Shots

  • Understanding bunker shot fundamentals: Open the clubface, aim slightly left (for right-handed golfers), and take a slightly outside-in swing path to splash the ball out of the sand.
  • Controlling trajectory and spin: Adjust the amount of sand you take, club selection, and swing speed to achieve the desired trajectory and spin.
  • Practising various bunker shot scenarios: Practice uphill, downhill, and fairway bunker shots to gain confidence in different situations.

Developing Putting Proficiency

  • Mastering the basics of putting setup: Adopt a comfortable stance, grip the putter correctly, and position your eyes directly over the ball.
  • Reading greens effectively: Analyze the slope, grain, and visual cues on the green to determine the correct line and speed.
  • Enhancing distance control: Practice lag putting to improve your ability to leave yourself with manageable second putts.

Mental Game Strategies for the Short Game

  • Visualizing successful shots: Imagine the trajectory and outcome of your shots before executing them, fostering confidence and focus.
  • Managing pressure and staying calm: Develop pre-shot routines and breathing techniques to stay composed during crucial short-game situations.
  • Practising with purpose: Create realistic practice scenarios that simulate on-course situations, enabling you to better handle pressure shots.
Golf Short Game Strategies


Developing proficiency in the golf short game requires dedication, practice, and a strategic approach. By understanding and implementing the various Golf Short game strategies discussed in this article, you can significantly enhance your chipping, pitching, bunker play, and putting skills.

Remember, a strong short game can be the difference-maker in shaving strokes off your golf scores and achieving success on the course. So, get out there, practice, and elevate your short game to new heights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the short game in golf?

The short game in golf refers to shots played within 100 yards of the green, including chipping, pitching, bunker shots, and putting.

Why is the short game important in golf?

The short game is crucial in golf because it can heavily impact your score. A strong short game allows you to save strokes by getting up and down from around the green and making fewer putts.

Can I use the same club for all my short-game shots?

While it is possible to use the same club for some short-game shots, such as a pitching wedge, different clubs offer more versatility. Experiment with different clubs like a sand wedge or a hybrid to adapt to varying distances and obstacles.

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