14 Slot Golf Bag (Right Way to Organize)

It’s always helpful to know how to organize a 14-slot golf bag, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced golfer. Using your rangefinder frequently may affect your decision. 

You need a course that will suit your needs if you intend to play regularly. The purpose of this article is to reveal how you can easily organize a 14-slot golf bag.

The Right Way to Organize a 14-slot Golf Bag 

As with other designs, you follow the same setup for a 14-way divider bag. These golf bags only differ in that each club has its own compartment. Drivers, fairways, and wedges are at the back of the bag, whereas putters and wedges are at the front.

Step 1 – Putter

Putter apertures are the largest in golf bags. As putter grips grow in size, you need more space to accommodate them comfortably.

When you place the flat stick in the bag first, you can structure the rest of the bag more easily.

Putter wells are located differently in different golf bags. Bags with a well at the top or bottom are common.

how to organize a 14 slot golf bag

Others, on the other hand, cater to the low lofted clubs as well, behind the woods compartment.

Step 2 – Wedges

Identifying the wedge compartment is easier if the putter well is at the front of your bag.

Alternatively, if the putter is located at the back of the bag, you should start at the left front corner. When facing the bag from the front, it is on your right.

Fit the weakest lofted club, possibly a lob wedge, into the front left slot. The next compartment in the bag should contain your sand wedge.

Then, throw in your gap wedge. As a final step, the pitching wedge is inserted into the front right hole.

Step 3 – Mid And Short Irons

As a follow-up to your pitching wedge, you should have a 9-iron fit all the way to the right on the lower middle row.

The 8-iron, 7-iron, and 6-iron should complete your row of clubheads (from right to left).

Step 4 – Long Irons And Hybrids

You will now need to place your hybrids and long irons in the bag. You’ll place your 5-iron or 5-hybrid on the right slot of the upper middle row, followed by your 4-iron or 4-hybrid (from right to left). In the last spot in the row, place your 3-iron or 3-hybrid.

Step 5 – The Woods

The driver is typically your longest club here, followed by your fairway woods unless your putter well is at the back.

Fill the left compartment of the back left compartment with your highest lofted fairway wood.

Afterward, add the strongest lofted fairway wood and driver you have.

The clubs should be arranged ascendingly from the back right to the back left.

Therefore, your driver is to the left of your wedges and putter, while your wedges and putter are to the right of them.

The putter is positioned well at the back of some bags, as I mentioned earlier.

Step 6 – Tee And Balls Pocket

Several pockets are found on golf bags. You can maximize your comfort and storage space with them.

Typically, golf balls and tees are stored in the front pockets of your bag.

As accessible pockets on the front of the bag, they are ideal for storing items efficiently.

Step 7 – Side Pockets

You can also protect your valuables and accessories during your round with side pockets, which are added to the special tee and ball pockets.

how to organize a 14 slot golf bag

Scorecards, rulebooks, sunglasses, and golf gloves can be stored in additional side pockets.

Step 8 – Apparel Pocket

There is usually an apparel pocket on the side of most golf bags. Long zips and spacious compartments make it easily recognizable.

You can store your rain gear, extra towels, and headwear in it.

Step 9 – Beverage Pocket

It is common for modern golf bags to have a cooling pocket for keeping your water bottle or beer cool while you are playing.

This cavity is not suitable for storing any other equipment or accessories.

Why This Is a Good Way to Organize It

The bag should be organized this way so that you can easily identify if something is out of place or if you are low on supplies.

Additionally, you don’t have to waste time looking for tees, balls, your aid kit, or your phone because you know where everything is.

Here are a few more ways to organize your 14-slot bag

Starting from the back left slot instead of the rear right slot will allow you to place your clubs in ascending order.

Then move right and place your driver there. Your tallest fairway wood should close out the row, followed by the highest lofted fairway wood.

Complete your long iron or hybrid setup by starting from the left with your longest iron.

You should then place your 6-iron in the left slot, your 7 and 8-iron in the middle, and your 9-iron in the right slot.

The pitching wedge will be placed on the left, while the highest lofted club will be placed on the right.

You may have problems with your thick grip if you do not keep your putter in the intended well.

There is no one right way to organize your 14-way bag; it is up to you. It was not uncommon for me to have clubs and accessories all over the place for years.

Despite not affecting my golf game, it caused endless frustration on the course for me and my playing partners


Your equipment will be easier to manage if you use 14-slot bags to organize it. As well as storing your cooling and refreshment equipment, they also store water bottles, towels, and many other items. I mentioned earlier how to manage a 14-slot bag in a way that can be very useful.


Do the 14 clubs include the putter?

Golfers are allowed to carry 14 clubs in their bags, according to the USGA. Three kinds of wood (driver, 3-wood, and 5-wood), and eight irons (3-9 iron, pitching wedge, and putter) are included.

How do I make my golf bag look cool?

The 7 best ways to pimp out your golf bag
1 – Golf Towels: Choosing the Right One
2 – Use badges to your advantage
3 – Change your headcovers
4 – Choose Your Colour Schemes Wisely
5 – Use a rangefinder
6 – Alignment sticks are essential
7 – Headcovers for exploit putt

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